The Inspiralizer® Lite

The Inspiralizer® Lite
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The Inspiralizer is the official spiralizer of Inspiralized, the ultimate resource for cooking with a spiralizer!

    The Inspiralizer is the official spiralizer of Inspiralized. The Inspiralizer turns vegetables and fruits into noodles, which can then be used to cook delicious and healthy meals. The Inspiralizer comes with 4 separate blade shapes, changed with The Noodle Twister, a green knob on the side of the tool. These shapes create ribbon noodles, fettuccine, linguine and spaghetti-shaped noodles. Get Inspiralized with the NEW Inspiralizer Lite!

    Note about the price: Price includes free shipping (US addresses only)!

    Main features: 

    - 1 year warranty
    - BPA free plastic
    - Sleek, thoughtful, high-quality design that’s easy to store
    - Back-stop knob keeps the handle from sliding out during storage
    - Safety cover that protects fingers from sharp blades ensures safe handling
    - Single Counter Clamp keeps the Inspiralizer steady with the vacuum lever suction base
    - Assembly required (comes with video & assembly instructions)
    - The handle comes unassembled and can be assembled for either RIGHT or LEFT handed users!

    The Difference Between The Inspiralizer Lite & The Inspiralizer Pro:

    There are two major differences between the Inspiralizer Pro and the Inspiralizer Lite.

    The Inspiralizer Lite:

    • comes disassembled, so when you receive it, there will be some assembly required. We have an instructional video on how to do this and printed instructions within the user manual. It's easy and quick to do!
    • has ONE suction base instead of two. The Inspiralizer Pro has two suction bases on the bottom, providing heavy-duty suction. The Inspiralizer Lite only has one, but it is still fully functional that way. The Inspiralizer Pro just has more power. Consider the metaphor of a car - you can buy a car with more horsepower, but they both get you from point A to B, right? You can spiralize all vegetables with the Inspiralizer Lite, but the Inspiralizer Pro has a bit more leverage, thanks to its dual vaccum suction bases!

    And that's it! Otherwise, everything is exactly the same as it is on the Inspiralizer Pro.


    - 1.5 pounds
    - Length: 9.25″, Width: 4″, Height: 7.5″
    - Orders ship next day via USPS and take about 2-3 days for delivery.

    WE SHIP DIRECTLY TO US & CANADA ADDRESSES ONLY. Note: There is a shipping charge for Canada orders, while shipping is FREE for all US purchases.

    $ 24.95

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